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Daycare Services

At Bandit's Buddies, our Daycare services are done at host homes. This helps us guarantee that each dog gets the same level of love and attention they would normally get at home, and helps prevent any incidents proactively! We guarantee at least 3 miles of exercise every day, and you'll even get a photo to your phone or email. Click below for more details, requirements, and pricing. 

Overnight Boarding Services

Just like with the Daycare services, we look to erase any worries you might have about leaving your dog with open, warm home environments, playful dogs at the host homes to give your buddy a friend, and a nice warm bed to sleep in. The last thing you want to worry about when away from home is your family's best friend, and we'll make sure you don't have to. You'll get update pictures to help you rest as easy as they are via email or text message. Click below for more details, requirements, and pricing.

Daycare + Training Services

If you know you need to drop your dog off for a day or two at our puppy play camp, why not get them a specialized training session while they're there? Some of our host homes are the homes of our trainers, and if you'd like, you can throw in a specialized session for your dog while they're in Daycare. Click below for more details, requirements, and pricing.

Socialization Services

If you have a young dog, or maybe just adopted, and you want to make sure they get the socialization they need to be good around other dogs, we can help! Our host homes host socialization hours daily, where you can drop by for 30-60 minutes to play with other dogs and learn to be social. We can also bring a friendly dog to you and do a quick scheduled playtime where your dog is more comfortable. Click below for more details, requirements, and pricing.

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