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About Us

Taking Stress out of the Equation

Owning a dog is one of the best parts of life! Not only do the members of Bandit's Buddies believe that - we live it too! Bandit's Buddies is a collaboration of dog owners who have various skills, but didn't quite like the way most Dog Service companies handled business. Training seemed cookie cutter and the same regardless of breed. Photographers seemed more interested in making money instead of getting the pictures we wanted. Daycare and Boarding services seemed to just throw our dogs in a big room and hope they didn't fight or get just didn't seem like how our best friends should be handled. 

So what'd we do? We came together to fix what we thought was broken, and offer services that center around YOU! We have people who specialize in every part of our business, from Training to Treat and Cake making. 


Our trainers blend techniques from professional organizations (CCPDT, APDT, etc.), famous professionals (Cesar Milan), and past experience to create fun, upbeat and energetic training sessions to ensure that your dog is having fun through the learning process. Sessions will focus on the individual behavior of your dog as well as the tendencies that have been documented throughout the breed's history. We break down tricks and behaviors into small steps with repetitive keywords and positive reinforcement throughout. Negative actions are met with other keywords and light boops on the nose, but never hitting or harming. The goal is to redirect focus, never to harm. 

Our Daycare and Boarding sessions are done in Host Homes to ensure your dogs will have a welcoming buddy for their stay. We also set limits to the amounts of dogs per home, to make sure each dog gets a higher level of attention and care. 

Our Photography sessions are customized to capture not only how cute your dog is, but also your dog's personality! And we don't charge by the hour, so we won't waste your time for personal gain. 

Our Treats are made fresh to order always, and only made with real ingredients. We don't use any preservatives or additives, so you know your dog is getting only the best for their long-term health! 

We encourage you to browse the site for more details on our specific services. Also, feel free to call us or contact us with any questions. We'd love for you to join the Bandit's Buddies family!

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