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Why should I Train my dog? 

This is actually an incredibly common question that we hear more often than you might think! Most people don't know why training dogs is important, so let's break down a couple quick answers for why training is actually important!

1. Training isn't just tricks

Whether your dog is a young puppy or an older dog, Bandit's Buddies training helps set a foundation for how your dog will learn new behaviors from that point on. We help build a system of learning so that your dog knows how to learn, not just what to learn. It's not just tricks, but a system they can learn to develop good behaviors moving forward.

2. Training helps socialize dogs

Part of training is learning socialization with both people and other dogs. Bandit's Buddies training reduces aggressive tendencies and helps them learn their manners on walks so they aren't pulling and jumping on other people. This makes your dog more approachable, and you don't have to worry about what they might do when people approach them!

3. Training helps dogs learn their role(s)

Dogs naturally have a pack-mentality, a territorial mindset, and protector tendencies. This makes it so they feel the need to assert themselves to other dogs, protect you from other humans, and occasionally bark too much! Training helps them learn that they are more of a best friend than a protector so they can be safe around young children and other young dogs. 

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