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Bandit's Daycare + Training Sessions

Dog Daycare shouldn't be a hassle and shouldn't leave you worrying in any way! Once paired with a host home, your host will invite you to come meet the resident pooch to make sure you see them getting along before your service starts. Even for dogs who want to be left alone more, our host homes have spaces closed off and ready for separate playtimes. Most end up becoming one of Bandit's buddies fairly quickly though!

As we mentioned on the main page, we make sure to take pictures and send them via text or email every day to make sure you see your dog enjoying the play camp you let them stay at! Let us know what would be most convenient for you, and we'll make sure you get those. We've even had owners Facetime dogs. We're serious about our Dog Daycare being as much for you as for them!

The difference with this service is the training session, which will be carefully personalized to meet the criteria you choose. Our training specialists will make sure to cover realistic expectations (1 session won't prepare your dog for the CGC) and give you a plan moving forward to reinforce positive behaviors.

Pricing starts at: 

$90 for the first dog with one session

$80 for each additional dog and/or session

Check-in for our Daycare services normally start at 7 am with Daycare ending at 7 pm, unless otherwise approved by host home. Full days are 8-12 hours, and Partial days are 5-7 hours. Baths available for $15. Ask your host!

With all of our services, we have a few disclaimers and requirements: 

  1. We must know the breed/age and basic behaviors of your dog before putting them in the right host home. If any of this information is not provided, we may cancel the service.

  2. When you book a session, you will be called or emailed by one of our professionals to confirm the details of the service. If no contact is made prior to the service, the service will be cancelled.

  3. With any service, you must show proof that your dog is current on their Rabies, Bordatella and Distemper vaccinations. Bandit's Buddies employees are allowed to discontinue service if their safety is ever questioned or provided proof of vaccinations is false.

Have any other questions? Don't be afraid to give us a call! 

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