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Our Training Courses

Helping your dog develop better behaviors

Tired of basic group training sessions that don't show good results? Tired of having to pay a lot for impersonal services? So were we! We offer personalized training courses that cover every part of a dog's life from young puppies to older dogs. Whether you want your new puppy to learn some basic tricks and socialization skills, your troubling dog to stop barking and pulling on the leash, or your older dog to get ready for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test, we have a session for you!

Here at Bandit's Buddies, we don't believe in generalized training courses that don't give equal attention to every dog in the course. No two dogs are exactly alike, and each has a different way of reacting to training. 

Oh, and waiting 6-8 weeks to start seeing results? We don't really believe in that either! Nor do we believe in leaving you alone to hope for the best after the sessions. We honestly just don't believe in a lot of what goes into the average training session, so we're changing it up! 

Bandit's Buddies training services will give you:

  • Personalized training sessions, not cookie-cutter sessions

  • Effective training from a professional who loves teaching and loves dogs

  • The ability to customize your dog's training sessions for specific behaviors

  • Flexibility to schedule your sessions on different days/times that work with your schedule

  • Support after the sessions for additional questions

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