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Our Methods

Can you even have methods for pet portraits/animal photography? Of course you can! And here are a few of what our Photographers all hold to: 

1. Our Photographers are all local and do everything in the process locally. Whether it's the shooting, the editing, or printing the final product, they're doing all of these locally in the Raleigh-Cary-Apex area, so that they can cut down on the time it takes to get your pictures back to you. No more waiting for them to hear back from an editor who's waiting to hear back from someone else! 

2. Our Photographers love to combine natural light with their high-quality equipment for naturally beautiful pictures. They all believe that editing shouldn't be most of the process, so they're looking to truly capture your dog's natural beauty as organically as possible during their dog photography sessions. 

3. Another thing all of our Photographers have in common is a great creative mind for shots that make your dog's personality a part of the picture. They're looking for favorite toys, fun trick poses, and the natural smile that dogs have when they take the shots. Not all pictures will have a smile or an action shot, but that's why we give you a minimum of 3 prints with our sessions! 

Most of our pet portrait photographers also partner with us as Trainers or Host Homes as well, so you can guarantee they'll bring the best out of your dog during their photo shoot. Outside on the leash, in home with their favorite toy or even at their own dog birthday party, we'll come out and take some great pictures so you can show off your dog's cuddly cute face!

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