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How our treats are made

All of our homemade treats use organic, fresh ingredients to ensure that your pooch will be getting the best quality of dog treats the Raleigh-Apex area has to offer. The traditional favorites are the grain-free peanut butter hard treats, the chicken-flavored hard treats, and the bacon ice cream treats. 

For our homemade hard treats, we use organic wheat flour, organic unsweetened applesauce, organic stock and whichever ingredient is used for the flavor of treat you order. For instance, our peanut butter treats will use those ingredients and organic peanut butter with no extra salt or other ingredients. For our bacon treats, swap the peanut butter for bacon, and boom! Great-tasting treats that don't use fillers, preservatives, extra salt or any other harmful ingredients. We offer some of the only treats of this kind in the Raleigh-Apex area! 

We also have grain-free treats using coconut flour if your dog is on a strictly grain-free diet. Our grain-free peanut butter treats are Bandit's favorites, since he's on a grain-free diet, and peanut butter is his favorite!  

For our homemade ice cream dog treats, we use organic nonfat milk, a bit of organic yogurt, a little organic stock, and the ingredient of the the treat you order. As you would figure, all ice cream treats are grain-free, so you don't have to worry about that! These are also some of the only organic ice cream treats you can find in the Raleigh-Apex area, so try ours today! 

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