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Walking Services 

If you're going to have a longer day than anticipated and you're worried about leaving your dog for that long, let us help! We'll take your dog out for a walk for you and tell you how it goes! Plus, we'll send a picture of your dog's smile for the icing on top. Not only is it good for your dog, but it's good for our staff members as well! We offer 30 minute and 45 minute walks, or a jog/run if you'd prefer! Click below for more details. Walking services start at $17.

Bandit's Party Time! Photography Session

If anyone judges, it's because they're jealous! This party package helps give you everything you need to make sure your dog's birthday party has the small details covered. Tell us when, where and how many dogs, and we'll make sure we get you a cake they'll love with goody bags for all the participants. We'll also send a photographer to take photos and send them back after editing! Click below for more details, requirements and starting prices.

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