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Our Walking & Party Services

More exercise and the best party ever!

Did a meeting go long or your schedule suddenly change, and you won't able to get back to let your dog out when they're accustomed? We can help! Bandit's Buddies walkers are available to do a short (30 minute) or long (45) minute walk, jog or run! We'll make sure to clean up after your pet if they use the bathroom during the walk and let you know for when you get back. We'll also make sure we respect your property while coming in and leaving, and we'll follow every instruction on how to arm the alarm, where to leave the key, etc. 

Are you an owner that throws a party for your dog's birthday? You and I both know it's adorable regardless of what others say, and a good dog birthday party secretly makes everyone jealous! Here at Bandit's Buddies, we have an option to help throw a fun party for your dog complete with goody bags for all the guests, a dog-friendly cake for your special girl/boy, and pictures of the event! 

If either of these services sound like something you're interested in, check out the link below for more details and book today!

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