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Why should I choose Bandit's Buddies?  

This is a big question to consider, because why should you consider us over anyone else for these services? Well we have a few thoughts below:

1. We pay more attention to your specific dog

For every service we do, we pay attention to your specific dog's breed, history, and personality. For training services, we'll tell you the tendencies your specific breed has for certain behaviors, and we'll work them into the sessions. For Daycare/Boarding, we pay attention to their personalities so we can keep them socialized while also keeping them separate from dogs they may have a problem with, and we keep the number of dogs for each host home low so they can pay more attention to each dog. For Photography sessions, we pay attention to their specific looks and know the angles that will keep them looking fluffy and happy, but also groomed and sophisticated. For walking services, we pay attention to where they like to go and what pace they like to go. We'll even run with them if they prefer running for some additional exercise! 

2. We provide faster results

Most dog training you'll find will be 6-8 sessions in a group setting, which means it'll take about 3-4 weeks to start seeing results. Our Training sessions are more to the point and use a quicker system for your dog to learn, so you'll see results much faster. Our Photography sessions get prints back to you in a fraction of the time other places do, so no more waiting 3-4 weeks after a session for prints. Our services are more precise to take less of your time and cost less money without giving up quality! 

3. Our services are given by experienced dog-lovers

Every Host Home we have owns a dog and has owned dogs for many years, so you know they'll treat your dog as part of their family during your dog's stay just like you would at home. Our main Trainers are all experienced in a variety of dog breeds, including the stubborn breeds. In fact, our main Trainer has 10 years of experience in dog training, and 5 years specifically with stubborn breeds. You'll never meet a staff member that isn't overjoyed to meet your dog and to work with your dog in whichever service they can! 

4. We're locally owned and operated

Bandit's Buddies begun in Apex, and still only works within 30 miles of Apex today! This means that not only will you be working with local Trainers, Photographers, Boarders and Walkers, but you'll be working with people who are going to treat you as neighbors and treat your dogs like family and not a transaction with a number. We can also guarantee consistency across all of our services, and if you ever have a problem, our local team will always be there to assist and make things right, the way business should be. 

For more answers and more articles, check out our blog below! 

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