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Made to order, delicious, and loved by dogs! 

Homemade Treats

We offer both hard treats that are great for training and frozen treats that are perfect for those hot summer days! Each order is made to fill weight amount and not a specific number, so you know you're always getting the same value. 

We have peanut butter, blueberry, pumpkin, bacon and chicken flavored hard treats, and we also have peanut butter, strawberry and bacon frozen treats. We also have dog birthday cakes for a special birthday treat! 

Whether it's a traditional peanut butter hard treat, a bacon frozen treat or our dog birthday cake, all treats are made to order with fresh ingredients, so you can guarantee there will be no preservatives. Also, since they are made to order, each item can be customized to fit your specific dog's diet, including any allergies, dislikes, etc. Orders may take anywhere between 24-48 hours, so order ahead to ensure your dog gets the treats they deserve!

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