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Our Photography Sessions

Getting your dog's best side on camera

Let's face it...dogs are super adorable. Puppies, young dogs, old dogs - they're just cute! Here at Bandit's Buddies, we're not sure why most families have good quality pictures of everyone in the family except their dog! They deserve to be there with everyone else. After all, who's always there to make you smile when you're feeling down? Who's been there for you and always happy to see you? Your best friend! 

That's why we just couldn't have a business without offering Dog Photography Sessions. Whether you want your dog in a cute suit like Bandit over there, or you want an epic nature shot, Bandit's Buddies is here to help! We have a variety of packages and options on how you can show off the cutest member of your family to others! 

A few things we don't do - Waste your time by starting without a plan, make you wait 3-4 weeks for your prints, charge you by the hour and take our sweet time, use your pics without your consent. We apologize, but we just can't bring ourselves to do any of that. 

Bandit's Buddies photography services will give you:

  • Personalized photography sessions in the location(s) you choose

  • Efficient sessions that won't take all day to get 3 pictures

  • Quick returns on pictures so you won't wait 6-8 weeks to see the results 

  • Flexibility to schedule your sessions on different days/times that work with your schedule

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