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Why should I Board my dog? 

Another common question that we get often, and there are a few reasons why we believe you should consider Daycare/Boarding while you're out of town rather than just house-sitting. 

1. Boarding is socialization gold!

The biggest difference between Daycare/Boarding and in-home pet sitting is the socialization a dog gets from what we at Bandit's Buddies call "Camps". Our host homes all have dogs of their own, and a rotation of dogs that come to enjoy camp days, so your dog would be getting to make friends and learn to socialize with a variety of dogs. With Bandit's Buddies specifically, even if your dog's not heavily social, our host homes have separate spaces to make sure your dog still gets exercise, but isn't overwhelmed.

2. The major difference in exercise

With Daycare/Boarding, the whole goal is to give the dogs a summer camp-like experience which includes plenty of playtime and exercise that you might not get otherwise. With Bandit's Buddies specifically, dogs get a minimum of 3 miles of exercise in an 8-hour Daycare day, and that doesn't include any time they may spend at the dog park! 

3. More consistent attention

This may just be my personal experience, but I know in the past when I've hired a dog sitter, they probably only spent an actual 3-4 hours with my dog, coming by to let them out twice. As someone who owned high-energy dogs my whole life, I kept coming back to wired pups with a ton of pent-up energy from the week/weekend as a result, and it was hard to deal with when coming back into town late at night! Daycare/Boarding solutions guarantee more personalized attention given to each dog, especially at Bandit's Buddies.

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