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Our Methods

Methods for Daycare and Boarding? Yup, we have those too! Here are a few methods we practice: 

1. Every Host prefers outside exercise WITH dogs instead of for dogs. This means that our Hosts are encouraged to take dogs for walks, jogs or to dog parks multiple times for their exercise. This is to avoid putting 5 dogs in the backyard and leaving them. That's not what we're about!

2. Each Host has a maximum number of 5 dogs they can have. We do this to ensure that we can keep an eye on all our campers, and we can nip potential aggression or uncomfortable behavior early before something happens.

3. Each Host has enough room to separate different types of dogs. This means whether your dog is small, large, slightly territorial, a little anxious to be away from home, submissive or shy, they'll have a place they can stay where dogs with opposing personalities can't make them uncomfortable. 

4. Every dog has their preferences, so we make sure to prioritize dogs who have been to a specific Host home in getting back to that Host home. This makes it easier for both you, the Owner, and for your dog as well, because they're not constantly having to learn a new house. It truly becomes a home away from home when they know where they're going! 

Every Host Home is local to the Raleigh-Cary-Apex area, so we can ensure that everyone follows the same methods. Surprises can be fun, but you don't want surprises when your dog stays with someone, so we won't provide any! 

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