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Keyword-based training with multiple options to cover dogs of all ages and backgrounds, and personalized for your dog for faster results.

photo sessions and party packages

Photo sessions with high quality equipment, multiple print options, and edited in-house to provide prints quicker.

boarding, Daycare & Walks

Boarding and Daycare options in multiple areas to ensure quality and flexibility, plus real-time Walk requests.

homemade treats

Homemade, made to order hard treats perfect for training, and ice cream treats for a special treat your dog will love! 

Welcome to Bandit's Buddies

Charlie - Inside.jpg

Bandit's Buddy of the Month! 

This month's BOTM was unanimous - It absolutely had to go to Charlie! 

Charlie is a 4 month old poodle puppy that came for some Boarding and will also be going through the Puppy Basics course soon. He's super playful and has an adorably derpy jump-start running motion that's so fun to watch! 

Fun fact - Charlie brought his own leg warmers!

Story and Vision

As a dog-owner and a lover of dogs since I was young, I know what it's like to go through the process of finding a dog service company that you can trust will treat your pooch like a member of the family. You want a trainer who understands your breed and won't take 6-8 weeks for a little progress. You want pictures you can be proud of and won't cost a fortune. You want to board your dog at a place where you know they're getting lots of attention, the right amount of exercise, and being treated to all the comforts of home. Me too! 

In comes Bandit's Buddies! What started as a small business for family and friends has grown to offer services for anyone in the Apex-Cary-Raleigh-Durham area. We make the process easier by approaching it from your side - the side of the owner. We know what you're looking for, and we look to offer quality services that are flexible, efficient and reliable. We're growing, but we're still a local business that believes in investing in the community and making it a better place to be in our own way, and that means helping you help your dogs! 

As for the inspiration for Bandit's Buddies, I'd like to direct your attention to the goober to the left! Yup, you guessed it, that's Bandit. Bandit's a Shiba Inu with a LOT of personality and SO many goober moments, but I love him to death. I've had labs, retrievers, mixes, rescues, and now this goober, and I noticed that everyone treated all of my dogs the same way, so the training didn't always stick the way I hoped. I started reading, researching and learning how to train different breeds, including stubborn breeds, energetic breeds, etc. That personalized training style is what defines Bandit's Buddies training, just like quicker quality prints defines the Photography side, more exercise and attention defines the Boarding side, and made fresh to order with only real ingredients defines the Treats side of Bandit's Buddies LLC. 

Get in touch with us today if you're interested in any services, or stay up to date on our email list for new Buddies, new promotions or our next event in the area!

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