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Helping You Help Your Pet

Training Courses

Helping your dog develop better behaviors

Here at Bandit's Buddies, we have training courses that cover every part of a dog's life from young puppies to older dogs. Our courses are designed to make sure you're learning as much as your dog, so you can continue reinforcing positive behaviors long after the training session is complete! Whether you want your puppy to learn to sit, your older dog to stop barking or your young dog to prepare for AKC's Canine Good Citizen test, we have a service to help!


Framing your the good way!

If you love dogs like we do, you know that you need a good picture of your best friends to go with your family! We make sure to use creative angles, lighting, and of course, toys to make sure we get the best pictures for you! We also have multiple packages to choose from so you can get the pictures you want!

Daycare and Boarding

Also known as Play-days and Sleepovers

For human-only vacations, we can help make sure your dog(s) stay with a loving family and other dogs for however long you need. All of our hosts love dogs and own social dogs, so your pup is going to make a few friends at puppy play camp while you're gone!

Dog Walking

Good exercise for everyone involved!

Sometimes life gets crazy and it's hard to get all the way back home to let your dog out just to turn around and head out. Let us help! We're available to help with a couple different options that guarantee the perfect exercise for your best friend to help until you get back!

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