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Dog-Walking: Helping your best friend stay happy!

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Everyone knows that dogs love walks, because they get a chance to explore outside, get some exercise and because they love marking their territory, but did you know those are just scratching the surface of the benefits? Check out some things you might be missing out on if you don't have a regular walk with your dog:

Walking your dog regularly has a ton of benefits. Not only does the regular exercise help keep them at the ideal weight, but regular walks actually teach your dog a lot without you even knowing it!

First of all, having regular walks with your dogs are one of the best opportunities for bonding that exists between a dog and an owner. It's regular time you two are spending together doing what your dog loves most - exploring. Your dog will love the time with you and associate the fun with you specifically.

Another good reason regular walks are a plus for dogs is because they learn so much about socialization. They learn what other dogs have been by, and have a good chance at meeting them in person! Er...dogson? Regardless, they learn to be nice and approach calmly, if you're keeping consistent with training them. They'll even get praise (hopefully!) for reacting correctly to a new dog or person approaching them.

For most people, summer is a time for vacations or hanging out a little later than usual, since the days are a bit longer. Don't let your dog miss out on walks while you're away. Make sure they have someone to walk with them. To see more benefits of having a consistent walker for your dog, check out our site at, or go here to schedule a walk for any time you think you might be away longer than your dog would be comfortable. Bandit's Buddies walkers love meeting new dogs and taking them for consistent walks!

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